Fortegra Compliance Roundup: VSC Legislation Updates

The New Hot F&I Product: Excess Wear & Use Protection

3 Used Vehicle Trends to Keep An Eye On

5G: Should I Switch Devices or Sit Tight?

Millennials Are Buying Cars, Just Differently

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Stranded on the Side of the Road this Winter

How Sustainability is Influencing Consumer Purchase Decisions

The Potential Effects of Wireless Industry Consolidation

Fortegra Compliance Roundup: The Latest on GAP Regulations

Taking the Vehicle Purchase Process Online

Making the Case for F&I Products

How Extended Warranties Can Help Consumers Manage Surprise Expenses

Fortegra and Union Wireless Partner to Launch “Bring Your Own Device” Initiative

The Smart Device Surge and the Need for Greater Support

Second-Hand Smartphones are on the Upswing

Overcoming the Challenges of Smart Home Connectivity

The Latest on Back-to-School Tech

Why Smartphone Sales are Declining

How Technology is Changing Warranty

Fortegra Partners with DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP

Millennials, Motor Vehicles, and Buying Behaviors

Getting Value from Diminished Value

Fortegra Compliance Roundup: More VSC Rulings from Across the Country

The Extended Implications of Constant Connectivity

Clear Intentions. Custom Solutions. True Partnership.

The Future of Furniture Retail

Fortegra Partners with LifeSpring on One-of-a-Kind Infertility Insurance

5G: Big Hype on Hold

Fortegra and Carleton Partner to Streamline Credit Insurance Product Calculations

Consumer Products: Easing the Margin Squeeze

Home Warranties vs. Homeowners Insurance: Why Consumers Need Both

The Benefits of Fixed Wireless

3 Steps to Increase Online Warranty Sales

Fortegra Announces Partnership with University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship

Fortegra Compliance Roundup: GAP and VSC News Fresh from the Old Dominion

The State of GAP

IoT Innovation: What’s Here and What’s Next?

The Future of Vehicle Subscription Plans

Extended Warranties vs. Manufacturer Warranties: What’s the Difference?

3 Ways Carriers Can Stand Out in a Competitive Market

A Quick Fix: How Tech Support Can Help Consumers and Providers Alike

Industry Insights: Current Consumer Habits Impacting Today’s Business

Auto Trends: E-Cars Are Powering Up

Why Human Interaction is Still Important in Retail

Fortegra’s Compliance Experts: the Latest on GAP & Data Security

Experienced Fortegra Reinsurance Squad Adds New Leadership

Fortegra: Your Profit Participation Partner

Industry Observation: Weighing in on the Decline in New Vehicle Manufacturing

Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Limited Receives Initial A.M. Best Ratings

4 Reasons Teens Are Waiting to Get Their Driver’s License

Beyond the Living Room: Ways to Use Amazon’s Alexa While Driving

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Wireless Retailers

What BYOD Means for Consumers and Carriers

How Gen Z is Changing Retail

Safeguarding the Consumer Electronics Experience

How Retailers Can Make Customer Service a Priority in the Digital Age

How to Avoid Common Winter Device Accidents

Fortegra’s Compliance Experts: the Latest on GAP

Fortegra is Putting Together a Deep Roster of Top Underwriters: Part Two

What Is Managed Wi-Fi and Why Do You Need It?

How the Future of Payment Will Impact Retail

Our Autonomous Future: What are the New Road Rules?

What Retailers Can Do to Prepare For Black Friday

How Autonomous Vehicles Will Influence Infrastructure

Industry Insights: How to Alter Your Business Operations for the Digital Age

Exploring Flexible Home Warranty Solutions

How Retailers Can Serve Webrooming and Showrooming Customers

Fortegra’s Compliance Experts can Help You Navigate a Changing Landscape

Fortegra is Putting Together a Deep Roster of Top Underwriters: Part One

How Diminished Value Warranties Can Make Or Break Your Customer Experience

Consumers are Driving Auto Trends: Here’s How the Industry is Responding

4 Tips for Perfecting Your Wireless Sales Script

How Fortegra Helps Wireless Carriers and MVNOs Experience More

3 Demographics that Need Device Protection the Most

How Millennials are Changing the Auto Industry

Fortegra Adds Tom Scott to Business Development Team

How Wireless Retailers Can Avoid the Summer Sales Slip

2018 Wireless Predictions: Where Are They Now?

How Ridesharing Services Impact Auto Sales

Top 100 Furniture Retailer Saves Big

How Broken Products Build Customer Loyalty

Fortegra to Bring Handset Protection Support to Viaero Wireless

Fortegra Introduces Handset Protection Support for Cellular One

4 Tips to Sell More Device Protection Plans: Part Two

4 Tips to Sell More Device Protection Plans: Part One

How Premium Financing Can Aid Small Business Success

Industry Insights: How Consumers Are Changing the Business Landscape

3 Ways Mobile is Leading the Digital Transformation

In the Age of On-Demand Video Streaming, Is Cable Still Relevant?

Why Customization Is Key to Keeping Millennial Customers

3 Underwriting Myths: Busted

How to Benefit from Consumers Keeping Phones Longer

3 Benefits of Offering Product Performance Guarantees

Fortegra Establishes European Subsidiary in Malta

Warranty Offerings: Checked Box or Revenue Driver?

3 Ways Insurtech Is Transforming Auto Insurance

4 Auto Tech Milestones that Changed the Insurance Industry: Part Two

3 Ways Cable Companies Can Make the Most of Their Existing Customer Base

4 Auto Tech Milestones that Changed the Insurance Industry: Part One

How the Wireless Repair Market Can Better Serve Customers

3 Risks Every Business Should Prepare For

Why Retailers—Big and Small—Should Invest in Third-Party Warranty Solutions: Part Two

Why Retailers—Big and Small—Should Invest in Third-Party Warranty Solutions: Part One

How to Prepare for Retail’s Digital Transformation: Part Two

How to Prepare For Retail’s Digital Transformation: Part One

3 Service Contract Benefits that Boost Value for Customers

How Carriers Can Prepare for the Arrival of 5G

Government Regulation, F&I Administration, and Our Autonomous Future

Industry Insights: How Technology is Impacting Insurance

The Future of Big Data in Auto Insurance

Tips To Help TPAs Prepare For Future Risk: Part Two

Tips To Help TPAs Prepare For Future Risk: Part One

Fortegra Backs Clearcover as Underwriting Partner

3 Value-Adds to Make Your Customers Thankful This Season

3 Ways Providers can Remain Competitive During the Insurtech Revolution

How to Amplify ARPU Through Innovative Product Offerings

How to Motivate Your Wireless Sales Team to Amplify ARPU

Fortegra’s Jon Mikow Discusses the Future of Wireless in Jacksonville Business Journal

Speeding Into 2018: Auto Industry Predictions

10 Tips to Sharpen Your Sales Skills

3 Ways to Boost Holiday Value for Customers

Understanding the Role of Underwriting in Insurance

Fortegra Introduces Jon Mikow as VP of Wireless

Industry Insights: Looking Into The Future

3 Resources for New Wireless Revenue Streams

Fortegra Announces Admitted Market Partnership with CHART

How Automation Can Improve Your Premium Financing

The Future of Telematics in Auto

How an Admitted Carrier Partner Can Change the Way MGAs Do Business

TPAs: The Industry’s Secret Weapon

The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Agency This Year

A Simpler Path to Admitted Success

How to Get the Most Out of Your Automotive Service Contract

Fortegra Announces Admitted Market Partnership with CHART

Industry Insights: Customer Service Crash Course

OEM Warranty Solutions: 4 Reasons Outsourcing Tops In-House Efforts

How MVNOs Are Challenging the Competition

Fortegra and Telispire Announce Mobile Device Protection Partnership

How Cable Companies Can Build a Millennial Customer Base: Part Two

Why Manual Underwriting Is Still King in an Automated World

How Furniture Protection Programs Affect Private Equity

Case Study: Top 100 Furniture Retailer Saves Big

3 Reasons to Take Your Insurance Needs Outside the Box

How Cable Companies Can Maintain a Millennial Customer Base: Part One

Is Your Insurance Provider Ready for a High-Tech Automotive Future?

Fortegra Insurance Underwriting: Stability that Inspires Confidence

MGA: Are You Getting the Most from Your Roadside Assistance Partner?

3 Key Questions For Great Wireless Customer Service

How Mobile Carriers Can Profit from IoT

How IoT is Changing the Future of Mobile

3 Reasons TPAs Need a Speedy Auto Insurance Underwriter

Customer Service: The Power of ‘Thank You’

Are Your Auto F&I Programs Stuck in Neutral?

How Credit Insurance Can Keep Retailers On Track

What Should You be Getting from Your Premium Finance Partner?

Fortegra at the 2017 Mobile Carriers Show

Customer Service Strategies to Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Fortegra Announces Launch of BundleUp Business Owners Policy Program

Compliance Update: Retail Partners Offering Credit Insurance

Fortegra Drops in on Dealerscope’s 2017 Warranty Roundup

Going to TESSCO One? Find out how to Add an OEM Warranty to Your Product.

10 Ways For Wireless Carriers To Boost Revenue

Ways Cable Companies Can Stay Competitive in Today’s Streaming World

Fortegra and Appalachian Wireless Announce Partnership for Mobile Device Protection

Marketing Basics for Competitive Carriers Looking to Stand Out

Ways Retailers Can Benefit from the Technology Evolution

Fortegra and Copper Valley Telecom Announce Partnership for Mobile Device Protection

What Consumer Trends Mean for the Future of Auto

Post-Holiday Retail Sales Tips: Part 2

HFA Webinar: Timely Tips to Maximize Revenue

Fortegra and Mobi PCS Partner to Offer Mobile Device Protection

Fortegra Introduces Sanjay Vara as Executive VP and Chief Underwriting Officer

Post-Holiday Retail Sales Tips: Part 1

3 Resolutions All Retail Executives Should Keep in 2017

Fortegra and Qmadix Partner to offer Screen Protector Product Guarantee

Retail Tips to Ring in the New Year

Becoming a Customer-Centric Business

What to Remember about Webrooming Customers

Infographic: Modern Car Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

What 2017 Means for the Retail Industry

3 Resolutions All Retail Salespeople Should Make

Fortegra and FFO Home Partner to Offer Furniture & Adjustable Bed Protection Plans

How to Sell More than Just Gifts During the Holidays

Fortegra and PVT NetWorks Partner to Offer Consumer Electronics Protection Plans

The Cable Cash Crunch

How Retailers Can Mitigate Customer Stress During the Holidays

What Auto Tech Updates Mean for Insurers

How Retailers Can Take Advantage of the Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year

Why Add OEM Warranty to Your Mobile Product?

Extend the Life of Your Phone

Fortegra is Off to the SoCal Furniture and Accessory Market

Answering Common Questions: Apple iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2

Fortegra Introduces Mark Rattner as Executive VP and Chief Underwriter

Fortegra Heads to the One & Only High Point Market

Partnership Services: Training Support

Commitment to Customers

Fortegra’s Commitment to Consumers

Infographic: Are Warranty Solutions Right For You?

How’re Your Sales Smarts?

Follow Fortegra Leaders at This Year’s EWSC Innovations Summit

IoT’s Impact on the Retail Industry

Boost Your Warranty Smarts at GWCSA

Insurance Marketing Insight at the I2C USA Summit

IoT and Your Auto Sales

The Auto Protection Profile

What IoT Means for Competitive Carriers

Mobile Accessory Outlook

Fortegra Introduces ProtectCELL Accessory Protection Plans

Data and Your Customers

Fortegra and Arkansas Homefurnishings Association Partner to Provide Furniture Protection Plans

Infographic: Upstream Service. Downstream Revenue.

Pros & Cons: Wet v. Dry Furniture Programs

Don’t Pitch…Consult

Infographic: GCI Case Study

3 In-Store Offers to Boost Brick-and-Mortar Sales

Sales Motivation: It’s Already Out There

2016 Mid-Year Retail Trends

Infographic: VSC Value

Industry Insights: Keeping Your Business At Its Best

Is Your Furniture Past Its Prime?

3 Times You’ll Experience Sales Rejection

Get Off the Bench and Into the Game

Let Customers Know About Pre-Owned Vehicle Service Contracts

Fortegra’s Approach to Partnership

Why Competitive Wireless Carriers Are the Best Option for Small Businesses

Regional Carriers vs. The Big Guys of Mobile

Connect with Fortegra at the HFA Networking Conference

Furniture Protection: Is It Worth It?

Wireless Carriers: Step Up to Stay Ahead

Fortegra, Subsidiaries Receive A.M. Best Ratings Upgrades

Don’t Sleep on these BedCon Trends

Fortegra: The Tale of the Tape

3 Ways Furniture Retailers Might Be Losing Money

We Want to See You at the Mobile Carriers Show!

Guess What? We Know When Your Phone is in Danger

Insurance: A Brief History

Fortegra  Introduces Todd Wilson as Regional VP, Credit Protection

Warranty CRM: 4 Ways to Turn Your Ideas Into Action

Upcoming Webinar: CFPB News, Updates, and Discussion

The 5 Worst Sales Tips

Top 5 Sales Tips from Our Team to Yours

In The Know: Device Warranty Solutions & Your Customers

Your Kitchen Is Smarter Than You

Fortegra and Nebraska Furniture Mart Partner to Provide Carpet Protection Plans

#SalesTip: 15 of the Best Tips to Optimize Your Selling

Fortegra Hits the 2016 Northeast Furniture & Accessory Market

3 Tips to Train Millennial Salespeople

Industry Insights: Selling More in A Changing Environment

5 Surefire Ways to Offend Your Customers

4 Tech Tips to Give Your Customer Service a Boost

Gadget Guard Announces Black Ice+

5 Things Your Sales Team Can (Likely) Do Better in 2016

2016 EdTech Trend: Adaptive Learning

The Future of Retail: 3 Trends to Jump on in 2016

Stocking Stuffers: 5 Ways to Sell More Add-Ons This Holiday Season

Self-Driving Cars: What Autonomous Vehicles Could Mean for the Insurance Industry

Fortegra and iWireless Partner to Offer Mobile Device Protection

4 Sales Tips to Help You See More Jolly Green

Say What?! 20 Sales Phrases to Avoid

Filling the Gaps: Health Scares and Surprises

4 Scary Tech Tales

Industry Insights: Staying Relevant in a Digital Age

6 Blogs To Boost Your Sales

Hacks Happen: Protect Your Customers with ProtectCELL and LifeLock

Taking ‘No’ Out Of Your Sales Equation

Introducing Your Newest Customer: Generation Z

Pop Quiz: EdTech Disaster Prep

Fortegra to Offer Mobile Phone Protection to USAA Members

3 EdTech Disasters To Brace For This Fall

Two Ways to Just Say ‘No’ to Customers

3 Tips for Selling to the Informed Customer

3 Ways to Protect Tablets and Other M-Learning Devices in Schools

4 Little Things You Can Do To Give Your CRM A Big Boost

Industry Insights: Education’s Tablet Trend and the Impact of M-Learning

Meet The Six Underwriting Companies In The Fortegra Family

Could Tech Startups Upend The Insurance Industry?

Outfit Your EdTech For The New School Year

Coverage So Customers Can Rest Easy

Fortegra Launches ProtectCELL Affordable Protection Plan for Tablets

4 Ways Teachers Can Get Classrooms One-to-One Ready

The Smartwatch Is On The Clock

4 Ways Smartphones Can Increase Job Productivity

Mobile EdTech 101: 3 Things You Should Know About the Mobile Education Trend

Happy Insurance Awareness Day!

We Get It…Because We’ve Been There

Device Financing Not Providing The EDGE You Want?

Take Your Sales Team To The Head Of The Class

9 Probing Questions To Sell More Furniture Warranties

Surprising Protection Options for 4 Pricey Products

4 Ways to Support Your Partners

A Better Game Plan: 3 Sales Strategies to Maximize Revenue

Selling Upfront Protection Plans: A Win-Win

Google Compare: What it Means for the Insurance Industry

Furniture Warranties and Other Approaches to Get More Dollars Out of Your Sales

5 Tablet Trends to Watch

Tale Of The Tape: Wet Vs. Dry Furniture Warranties

Talking Insurance? Knowledge Is Power.

Industry Insights: Creating Effective Retail Warranty Partnerships

Relationship Advice: 3 Tips For Finding Your Next Warranty Partner

3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Furniture Warranties

Top 10 Retail Sales Bad Habits

3 Additional Sales Retailers Can Make

Aim High: Helping Customers With Their Credit Scores

How Broken Products Build Customer Loyalty

Protection Beyond 'The Big Four'

We Gave Away A Million Bucks! (Well, We Tried To Anyway.)

Sprucin’ Up Your Product Offerings

The Daily Dangers Of Your Customer's Home

ProtectCELL, a Fortegra™ Product, Exhibits at CCA’s Global Expo

Debunked! 3 Mobile Warranty Myths

Protecting The Customer's Wallet

The Millennial Mystery

All Automotive Protection Is Not Created Equal

A Love Note To Insurance Agents

Fortegra Partners with New Leaf to Provide Underwriting Services

3 Ways Fortegra Partners Experience More

Fortegra: Filling The Gaps

Fortegra’s 2015 Insurance Forecast

The Customer Experience: It’s The Little Things

Top Consumer Tech at CES 2015

Fortegra Shows Up Big at CES 2015

Welcome to the Family: A Unified Fortegra

Fortegra Financial Unifies Existing Divisions into a Single Marketing Brand

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