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A great product isn’t enough on its own. That’s why we ensure your team knows how to sell it.

Sure, we’d like to think our products sell themselves, but we know that’s not true. So, to make certain customers understand the value of Fortegra products, we employ a team of account development managers to train your salespeople about what we have to offer.

Why the extra effort? Well, obviously, we’re pleased when more Fortegra plans are sold. But there’s more to it than just the sale—customers are happy knowing they’re protected, and partners are happy with the increase in revenue. A win-win. 

More than just plan sales
But it’s not just about selling more protection plans. In addition to providing the 4-1-1 on Fortegra products, we work with your leadership to integrate into your sales system. The last thing we want is for our plans, or any other secondary product, to have its own ‘pitch’ that’s tacked on at the end of the sale. Plus, we can lend a hand with a few tips, tricks, and best practices we’ve learned from our time in retail.

The more sales your team makes overall, the more opportunities there are to add a warranty solution. Another win-win. (Sensing a pattern?)

Teaching vs Training
How do we do it? It starts with understanding the difference between teaching and training.

Teaching = imparting knowledge
Training = imparting skills

Many companies mistake one for the other, focusing on refresher courses that teach teams what they already know, as opposed to helping them develop the ability to execute that knowledge. So, while we do spend time ensuring your team knows the ins and outs of our products, we don’t stop there. We work to help them gain the skills needed to not only sell our warranty solutions, but to improve their overall sales abilities as well.

Like our approach, but can’t wait for us to get in the store? Check out a few of our favorite training topics:

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