3 Risks Every Business Should Prepare For

By Sean Jagroop, Fortegra Director of Premium Financing Feb 14, 2018 10:00:00 AM



There’s no easy way to prepare for business risks, but with a premium financing partner, you can get ahead of these three to keep your business ready.

When looking at some of the top risks businesses face, the level of protection needed to safeguard a company may seem daunting. But, as an MGA who enlists the help of a premium financing partner, your clients will be up for the challenge thanks to the flexibility of wrapping multiple carrier policies into one affordable financing agreement.

Compared to traditional payment plans, this type of approach can more easily mitigate the threat of this trio of business risks:

  • Property Loss

Imagine walking into your office and seeing your computers, phones, and TVs broken or missing –it’s every company’s worst nightmare. Property loss insurance can help replace these items with a hassle-free process.

  • Building Damages

Many disasters are hard to predict—from fires, to break-ins, to bad weather. But when these incidents do occur, it’s important to have a partner who lends support in the event it’s no longer business as usual.

  • Inland Marine

Inland Marine coverage allows companies to protect equipment and products traveling across land where collisions and cargo theft are common threats. With Inland Marine coverage, business assets are safeguarded even in the worst cases.

With the ease of one recurring monthly payment, premium financing can help take the teeth out of familiar business risks. Find a quality partner who can help your clients with flexible, customizable plans that will have them ready to take on these everyday challenges.

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