Millennials Are Buying Cars, Just Differently

By Mike Gardner Jan 7, 2020 1:25:20 PM


Millennials are rumored to be adversely opposed to buying cars, which could be a threat to the automotive industry. However, this group is buying cars, just non-traditionally.

Categories: Automotive, Warranty

Helpful Tips to Avoid Being Stranded on the Side of the Road this Winter

By Tom Arnieri Dec 30, 2019 9:37:49 AM

Roadside assistance tips to avoid being stranded on the side of the road this holiday season and winter.

Categories: Automotive, Warranty

Fortegra Compliance Roundup: The Latest on GAP Regulations

By Mike Gardner, Vice President Automotive Product Group Sep 23, 2019 1:15:00 PM


Fortegra's compliance experts can help you stay up to date on new legal changes in the Automotive F&I industry. Read our regular compliance updates to stay informed.

Categories: Automotive

Taking the Vehicle Purchase Process Online

By Mike Gardner, Vice President Automotive Product Group Sep 20, 2019 1:10:00 PM


More automotive consumers want online purchase options—but they’re still waiting for a comprehensive solution.

Categories: Automotive

Making the Case for F&I Products

By Mike Gardner, Vice President Automotive Product Group Sep 18, 2019 1:00:00 PM


Automotive F&I products offer a number of ways to protect consumer vehicles—and help dealers during a challenging period.

Categories: Automotive

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