6 Blogs To Boost Your Sales

By Paul Dobbins - Director, Account Development Oct 6, 2015 10:00:00 AM


No matter what you’re selling, these blog posts can give your skills, and your sales, a boost.

Successful selling requires discipline, a system, and the ability to both communicate with and understand people. (Whew – that’s a lot.) It just makes sense that we all need a little help from time to time.

Whether you’re selling furniture, cellphone insurance, or something else entirely, these six blog posts focus on skills that can drive your sales: 

  1. How to Say 'No' to Customers
    You know the old adage, ‘the customer is always right?’ What happens when the customer is completely, utterly, and undeniably wrong?
  2. Selling to the Informed Consumer
    Oh, the informed customer. You know the type. When the customer knows more than you do about a product, how do you provide value?
  3. The 'Three A's' Sales Process
    Add-ons like warranties don’t have to be a cumbersome or clumsy part of the sales process. (‘Um, would you like fries with that?’) Before your next sales transaction, make sure to study up on the Three A’s.
  4. A Better Game Plan: Sales Strategies to Maximize Revenue
    Looking at player performance differently changed the game for Brad Pitt’s Moneyball character. The same could be true for your sales team. This blog post discusses how ‘Retail Moneyball’ can help maximize your retail sales revenue.
  5. The Worst Retail Sales Bad Habits
    We all have our vices, but if you or your reps are committing any of these bad habits, it could be costing you sales. Learn what they are and how to break them!
  6. Additional Sales to Improve Margins
    As margins dwindle on standard products, we share three sales opportunities that can provide additional revenue for your business.

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