How Wireless Retailers Can Avoid the Summer Sales Slip

By Jon Mikow - Vice President, Wireless Jul 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM


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Summer is a time for fun in the sun and relaxing getaways—but not so much for wireless retailers. With summer sales declining every year, how can retailers continue to generate revenue?

In 2017, retail sales during the summer months decreased nearly 10 percent thanks, in part, to a drop in overall store traffic. Every year, retailers struggle to deal with the chilling loss that accompanies the hot summer months. So, how can wireless retailers beat the heat? Check out these three tips to get you started.

Rally around popular events

From notebooks, to pencils, to clothing, students have a variety of needs when heading back to school—including new technology. Summer holidays and events provide a great opportunity for retailers to refocus their efforts and target these annual shopping occasions and a growing need for updated devices like phones and tablets. Creating effective advertising centered around specific times of year—like back-to-school or Labor Day—provides an opportunity to boost store traffic. 

Offer added protection

Warm weather means more activity and more activity often leads to broken devices. From overheating to the untimely dip in the lake, summer can be unkind to wireless devices. Offering warranty protection is a great way for retailers to help consumers better protect their phones and tablets from these incidents, while also creating an additional line of revenue for their business.

Don’t neglect social media

Not only is social media marketing cost effective, but it also grants access to a variety of demographics. Creating a dedicated and vibrant social following will ensure that wireless consumers are engaging with your messaging and can potentially increase store traffic. For example, Target has 1.96 million followers on Twitter. With numerous campaigns launched through their social media platforms, a case can be made that some of Target’s store traffic is likely attributable to their strong social presence and high audience engagement.

Your sales numbers don’t have to freeze during in the summer months. By leveraging holidays and events, providing extra protection, and creating an effective social media strategy, your wireless sales have the chance to remain steady throughout this difficult cycle.

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