Fortegra: Filling The Gaps

By Scott McLaren - CMO Feb 3, 2015 9:53:00 AM

Fortegra: Filling The Gaps

Home. Life. Health. Auto. Think you’re completely covered? Think again.

When it comes to insurance these days, most consumers only opt to cover the ‘big four’: home, life, health, and auto. While that’s certainly a smart move, there are still a variety of circumstances that aren’t covered by those products.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Here’s an example: say you just bought a brand new car (nice wheels, by the way). You’ve signed all the paperwork, gone through the song and dance, and just been handed the keys. You start the engine, admiring how it sounds for a moment, then make your way onto the road when you’re blindsided by a fellow motorist who didn’t see you and decided to change lanes at the worst possible time. Brand new car totaled, 15 feet from the dealership.

Dazed, but unhurt, you think to yourself, ‘No problem. That’s why I have car insurance’. Well, here’s the thing about that particular product—the value of your car, as determined by your auto insurance provider, is actually about $5,000 less than what you paid for it. This means when it comes time to get reimbursed for your now mangled new car, you’re out five grand; unless, of course, there was a product that exists specifically to cover people in this very situation (Spoiler alert: there is. It’s called GAP insurance, and we carry it).

Damage Control

This sort of thing might seem far-fetched…until it happens. At Fortegra, we thrive in these situations. By working to fill the gaps left by the ‘big four’, we help people like you handle the difficult and unexpected hardships of life’s inevitable setbacks.

Our comprehensive array of insurance products and warranty services were created with these gaps in mind, resulting in reduced risk and increased stability for our customers. Plus, our structure is designed to keep the protection process painless; with most plans, the cost is rolled right into your loan amount so there’s no additional work required on your part.

So no matter if it’s your car, home electronics, mobile devices, appliances, or even your small loan payments, the answer is ‘yes’. We’ve got you covered. It’s the type of protection and peace of mind that can get your life back on track so you can Experience More.

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