Are Your Auto F&I Programs Stuck in Neutral?

By Mike Gardner Apr 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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It seems like many insurance companies ride the brake when their TPA clients are trying to launch new Auto F&I programs. Fortegra? We’re clearing the road and giving you a chance to whiz by.

As an Auto F&I TPA, speed to market is vital. Product revamps with better coverage and a chance to increase sales? You’ve got to get to market even faster. And for new products—maybe the first of their kind—it’s a fresh, new revenue stream you want to start enjoying immediately.

So, why then does your insurance partner—who should want you to win big—drag its feet and delay your success? It’s like they’re driving 20-under with the signal on in the fast lane as they take six-months-to-a-year to green light your program. It’s even worse when their delays have you catching the red light. After all the waiting, you get nothing?

Why does it take so long? Honestly, we don’t know. And because it doesn’t make any sense, we don’t operate that way. Our sales team is empowered with due diligence, allowing them to determine the best course of action for speedy decisions.

It’s not fair to you, your agents, their dealers, or consumers to have programs stuck in traffic, waiting to reach the market. Maybe you should change lanes. Find a partner, like Fortegra, that is ready to punch it—now.

Listen, we don’t use shortcuts; we just know how to drive. We make the moves that make the most sense for you, our partner, to get things moving as quickly as possible. So, let’s roll.



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