We Get It…Because We’ve Been There

By Paul Dobbins - Director, Account Development Jun 22, 2015 10:00:00 AM


Looking for a partner who understands the retail environment? Look no further.

Disillusioned with partners who don’t understand the challenges you face everyday? Hey, we get it…because we’ve been there.

ProtectCELL – our mobile protection product – started out of the back of an independent wireless retail location. Back then there weren’t any good protection options, only ones that provided lousy customer service and weak retailer support. We knew there had to be a better way; so, we created one. The ProtectCELL mission was and still is to provide unparalleled customer service and the guidance and support our partner retailers deserve.

Here For Your Customers

Because of our retail background, we have lofty expectations about the customer experience. In short, it’s just the right thing to do. But let’s not forget that a happy customer leads to increased and recurring sales.

And let’s face it: how we interact with your customers can impact your store. If we make a mistake your customers won’t just blame us, they’ll blame you because you sold our service to them. So, we try really hard to not screw up. And ya know what? We succeed. Delivering second-to-none customer support so we can strengthen your customers’ bond to your brand is some wheelhouse stuff for us.

Here For You

But let’s break it down. As a trusted partner, our goal for retailers is three-fold:

  1. Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
    We know the base sale isn’t enough to grow your business, so we offer additional services like protection plans. They provide true value to your customers and also help increase revenue with every transaction.
  2. Boost Customer Loyalty
    We touched on this above, but we don’t think you can ever say too much about taking care of your customers. We do things right to produce loyal, lifelong customers.
  3. Enhance Staff Performance
    We’ll work with you and your staff, providing training and marketing support, so you they can perform at their best. And our programs exist to improve more than just protection plan sales; they’re designed to enhance your team’s overall sales skills and confidence, boosting your key metrics across the board.

Our Competitive Edge

As retail expats, we have a unique perspective of the challenges you face and how to overcome them with helpful strategies and tactics to improve you business, like our ‘Retail Moneyball’ system. Plus, our partner support team has decades of retail sales and management experience.

With the goal of continually adapting to changing customer needs, we’re always reevaluating and tweaking our product lineup. We constantly consider pricing and fees, compliance and regulations, value-added services and more. We also make sure we follow that up with a training assessment to ensure we’re always providing the best product information and positioning to your teams.

Our success is based on your success and we like to collaborate as much as possible. After all, no one knows your business and customers like you do; so we’ll always work together. You can trust us to support you on the sales floor, in the back office, and of course, when it comes to the satisfaction of your customers.

Experience More

We’d love to put our retail background and protection services to work for you and your customers. Let’s talk and find out how, together, we can increase your revenue.

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