Going to TESSCO One? Find out how to Add an OEM Warranty to Your Product.

By Roger High Mar 15, 2017 5:36:40 PM

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Adding warranty protection to your product features has benefits for both you and your customers.

Your company’s screen protector does what now? Really? And that case really works? That’s amazing; but even if you’re sure that new waterproof case, 100 percent crack-resistant layer of glass, or those indestructible headphones are perfect, you should still have an OEM product warranty attached to it.

Why? Let’s look at the top five reasons you should talk to Fortegra at TESSCO One about an OEM warranty solution. We can help you:

  1.  1. Provide a better customer experience if something goes wrong
  2.  2. Promote product feature legitimacy showing you stand behind your goods
  3.  3. Deliver peace of mind at the time of the customer’s purchase
  4.  4. Showcase the product advantages to get ahead or catch up
  5.  5. Add real product value without costing an arm and a leg

So, what kind of company should you look to for warranty backing? Start with one that’s done this before, a company that understands the retail nature of your business and the everyday needs of your customers.

Look to Fortegra. Get the details on how Fortegra’s OEM warranty solutions can help you and your customers Experience More today!

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