How to Sell More than Just Gifts During the Holidays

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Having a hard time selling those non-stocking-worthy items this holiday season? Here are a few tips to get those products out the door and keep your inventory moving!

According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales in November and December are estimated to reach $655.8 billion (excluding cars, gas and restaurants). And for many retailers, the majority of their yearly business happens in that window. So how can businesses sell their not-so-hot-ticket items during a time when most shoppers are focused on taking home the latest gifts?

With a little creativity—whether you sell exclusively everyday items or just want to see those items move off the shelves—you can still capitalize on the holiday sales extravaganza. 

Show value over price
When most consumers are focused on finding the perfect gift for grandma, they may not be interested in spending otherwise. But your target market and those same customers who’ve shopped with you before may be more inclined to hear why they should spend holiday dollars with you. To show value, show confidence—be ready to highlight the strengths of your product or service, all while prioritizing an exemplary customer experience. 

Go for the ‘non-traditional gift’ approach
In recent years, the non-traditional gift has seen a steady increase in popularity. Whether it’s a gift card for a service or some other product not normally pictured tied up with a bow, it can still be marketed as a gift. For example, if you run a fitness facility, marketing the opportunity for members to purchase a month of fitness for a family member can help boost sales during the holiday months, while also potentially increasing future membership and revenue. 

Identify a necessity
Need doesn’t stop just because of a date on the calendar. Identifying something that makes your product or service required, and marketing to that end throughout the holiday season, can equal a boost in sales. Adding a little bonus offer, holiday promotion, or donating a portion of the sale to a local charity, can also give the purchase a little more holiday cheer.

Just because your business doesn’t sell products that can be gift-wrapped doesn’t mean you can’t see a piece of the sales bump the season provides. Take advantage of the biggest and busiest shopping season of the year by focusing on what you do offer, and why it’s valuable to customers.

What are a few ways you promote the value of your non-gift items to customers? Tweet @Fortegra to let us know!

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