What Should You be Getting from Your Premium Finance Partner?

By Joe Alberti Mar 31, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Are all premium financing companies the same? What makes one better than another?

Premium financing: it’s all about rates, right? Wrong. Sure, competitive rates are important and help your customers afford the policies, but if that’s all you’re getting, you need to look around.

And here’s a great place to start. Check out these three key benefits you should be getting from your premium finance provider. (Spoiler Alert! We offer our clients all three.) 


#1 – Live Customer Service
Yep—real people who answer questions on the spot. You’ve got enough obstacles to overcome. Add policy financing to the mix? You’re really askin’ for it. How much worse does the headache get if you’re relying only on your voicemail or email inboxes? 

Live customer service that resolves items like new transactions, missed payments, or commission disbursement can give you real peace of mind.

#2 – Automated Quotes
Don’t wait; automate. 

Want faster service, less work, and a reduced chance of manual entry errors? Find a partner who can integrate their financing with your quoting. Or take it a step further and find a partner—like Fortegra—that will allow you to finance multiple polices, from several sources, in one agreement. Now, that’ll really speed things up.

#3 – Profit Sharing
Great customer rates are key—but your rates are just as important. Are you getting your piece of the pie? Does it arrive on time and is it a big enough slice? A partner like Fortegra can provide commission via ACH, contributing to your bottom line faster. 

Premium financing is about more than just rates—it’s about true partnership. Get a full look below at what a true premium finance partner like Fortegra can do for you.

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