Outfit Your EdTech For The New School Year

By Roger High Aug 17, 2015 10:30:00 AM

EdTech Checklist

Is your school’s new technology ready to meet the challenges of the upcoming school year?

So you’ve decided to modernize the tech in your school – nice work! Modernizing technology is a great way to provide a fun, interactive, and contemporary learning experience to students, not to mention that it’s bound to be embraced by students much more than traditional pen-and-paper approaches. This is especially true of mobile technology like tablets, which opens up a world of educational possibility.

But, before that world can be explored, it’s absolutely vital you have a plan in place to ensure this tech will be both easy to incorporate and protected in the long run. To help you plan, we put together a list of the 10 things every educator should do when introducing new tech to the classroom. Here are a few to get you started: 

1)    Protection and Security

Obviously, keeping those tablets in working order (and in one piece) is priority numero uno. If your tablets are kaput, the students can’t use them. Cases and screen protectors can keep normal wear and tear to a minimum, but for that extra level of safety we recommend secure storage during off hours.

2)    Maintenance

Updating a program on one computer in a day? No problem. Updating a program on 50 computers in a day? Buckle up. You should have at least a generic maintenance schedule mapped out ahead of time to prevent major logjams. Daily habits like keeping tablets charged and regular preventative measures (e.g. physical damage evaluation, usage analysis, consistent app updates, etc.) can help streamline these processes.

3)    Administration

It’s Tablet Day! The students are excited! So, of course, the process of actually distributing your school’s fancy tablets will occur in a calm, orderly fashion, right? Yeah, probably not. Badge, barcode, or cattle brand, make sure you have a system in place to keep a record of every unit in your tablet fleet.

For more great tips on how to handle your shiny, new edtech, download our full EdTech Checklist white paper below!


EdTech Checklist:

10 Tips To Get Ready For the School Year

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