Meet The Six Underwriting Companies In The Fortegra Family

By Scott McLaren - CMO Aug 21, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Fortegra Underwriters

By relying on third-party underwriters, many insurance companies play middleman. Not Fortegra.

First, let’s get the lay of the land. Here’s a look at the three levels of the insurance pyramid.

  1. Underwriters – They accept liability and guarantee payment in the event of damage or loss.
  2. Administrators – They handle the claims process.
  3. Agents – Individuals, like yourself, who sell insurance plans.

As you can see, most insurance services companies are really just the administrator. They’re stuck in the middle between the actual insurance underwriter and you, the agent.

We do things a little differently. At Fortegra, we’re fortunate enough to have both underwriters and administrators as a part of our family tree. This, of course, benefits both you and your customers. Being vertically aligned helps us provide the best quality products and services to our clients. Also, since we’re so well connected, it helps improve our speed to market. And faster is better.

So, are you ready to meet these smart and savvy underwriting companies? We have both property and casualty as well as life and health underwriters, all headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.


Fortegra Property and Casualty Underwriters

  1. Lyndon Southern Insurance Company
  • A Delaware-domiciled property and casualty insurance company
  • Provides credit-related property insurance in over 40 states and the District of Columbia
  • Product lines include real estate and automobile collateral protection, credit property (primarily consumer goods), non-file, warranty, and involuntary unemployment insurance
  • BCAR Score: 212.20
  1. Insurance Company of the South
  • A Georgia-domiciled property and casualty insurance company
  • Provides credit-related property insurance in Georgia and North Carolina
  • Product lines include real estate and auto collateral protection, credit property, contractual liability debt cancellation, vehicle service contracts and extended service contracts, involuntary unemployment insurance, and non-file
  1. Response Indemnity Company of California
  • A California-domiciled property and casualty insurance company
  • Provides insurance products in the state of California
  • Product lines include personal auto, disability, fire, liability, and marine insurance


Life and Health Underwriters

  1. Life of the South Insurance Company
  • A Georgia-domiciled life insurance company licensed in 45 states
  • Product lines include credit life, and credit accident and health insurance
  1. Southern Financial Life Insurance
  • A Kentucky-domiciled life insurance company 
  • Product lines include life insurance, health insurance, and annuities
  • Provides life insurance in the state of Kentucky
  1. Bankers Life of Louisiana
  • A Louisiana-domiciled life insurance company
  • Provides life insurance in the state of Louisiana
  • Product lines include credit life, health and accident, and life insurance

Again, thanks to these six underwriters, we’re able to provide industry-leading products and services...without a middleman. Just take a look at our offerings to see how you and your customers can Experience More.

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