Industry Insights: How to Alter Your Business Operations for the Digital Age

By Scott McLaren - CMO Oct 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM


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In today’s digital age, businesses must alter their operations to keep pace. Our thought leaders share how to adapt quickly and efficiently for a promising future.

Over the last few years, technology has often forced companies to change how they do business and has influenced their interactions with customers. This digital transformation has companies wondering what’s next and how they should adjust their business strategies. With a willingness to adapt and a little extra research on their customers, businesses can stay on pace with both competitors and consumers who are adapting to digital trends themselves.

How? Our team of industry vets provides some insight.

Paving the future of auto

From app-assisted parking to extra security, automotive has really taken to technology trends the last few years—trends that have consumers clamoring. Gone are the days of paper maps and long hours waiting for dealer maintenance – instead, technology is helping the auto industry meet consumers where they are, making their driving experience more enjoyable and convenient. In a recent Automoblog article, EVP and CMO Scott McLaren shared how consumers are paving the way for the future of auto—and how manufacturers are responding.

Customizing the shopping experience

Millennial buying habits, coupled with the growth of digital, can be intimidating to retailers—but they shouldn’t be. Instead, retailers should use these factors to their advantage and connect with Millennial shoppers where they’re comfortable—which is usually on their phones. In a recent article in Retail Customer Experience, Warranty Product Group VP Steve Davidson shared three ways retailers can cater to Millennials, offering tips and a little creativity to help retailers reach this savvy, influential generation.

Avoiding the wireless summer sales slip

In 2017, retail sales took a 10 percent dip during the summer months—a common tale for consumer electronics retailers. Thankfully, there are ways to strategically cater to wireless customers to avoid the chilling seasonal sales slip. VP of Wireless Jon Mikow shared how these retailers can attract consumers by leveraging events like back-to-school, building promotions around annual events, employing social media, and offering additional protection.

The desires of tech-savvy consumers will continue to drive business, and industries of all types should prepare accordingly to take full advantage. For more industry insights, check out our thoughts on how technology is impacting insurance!

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