Guess What? We Know When Your Phone is in Danger

By Scott McLaren - CMO Apr 6, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Broken Cellphone

So, when is your phone at the most risk for physical damage, water damage, loss, or theft? We’ve got some ideas.

Thanks to years of experience with our ProtectCELL product lineup, we’ve got countless horror stories about terrible things happening to smartphones. Every month, they pour in—and you’d better believe there are some real doozies. But we’ve also picked up on some interesting trends…like the fact that some months see a marked increase in certain mishaps.

Want to know which months get the awards for being the roughest and wettest, and which month has the most mysterious device disappearances? Here are your winners.

Roughest Months (Physical Damage): October, November, and December

Look out. The most wonderful time of the year might not be so wonderful for your phone or tablet. The last quarter of the year is when we see customers’ smartphones taking the biggest beating. And as you might guess, most of this can be chalked up to the hustle and bustle of the holidays. With hands overflowing with gifts and groceries, it’s pretty easy for phones to take a tumble onto a hard parking lot or mall floor. Ouch.

Wettest Months (Water Damage): June, July, and August

From taking a dip in the pool to going for a swim in the lake, it isn’t surprising that the most popular season for wet mobile devices tends to be the summer months. A customer forgetting their phone is in their pocket before a cannonball is, uh, pretty common.

Most Mysterious Disappearances (Loss or Theft): January

Here’s a New Year’s resolution: keep a closer eye on your phone. Maybe it’s watching the ball drop in a crowded room of strangers who could swipe your phone. Maybe it’s leaving your device at the returns counter when exchanging gifts. Whatever the reason, January is the month when we hear ‘Where’d it go?’ happen most. 

Any of these smartphone horror stories sound familiar? Have a similar experience? Tell us about it on Twitter @Fortegra!

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