Filling the Gaps: Health Scares and Surprises

By Scott McLaren - CMO Oct 28, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Bridge Gaps

When your customers are injured or hospitalized, getting well should be their number one priority – not worrying about making loan payments. That’s where we can help.

These days, many consumers limit their insurance coverage to the ‘big four’: home, life, health and auto. Important? Absolutely. But focusing on just the ‘big four’ could leave your customers unprotected, and unable to make their monthly payments thanks to gaps in coverage.

From Subtle to Serious

Say you’ve got a little cough­—just a tickle—but you’re busy and opt to skip the doctor. Soon, your ‘little cough’ turns into a big cough, and is joined by shortness of breath and other nasty symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and heavy sweating. Now you’re skipping the doctor again, this time in favor of a trip to the ER.

This sort of thing might seem far-fetched…until it happens. Approximately 90 percent of disability claims result from illness, not accidents. When your customers are faced with a serious illness, their number one priority should be getting well. But that doesn’t mean that other priorities—like paying regular bills—can (or should) fall to the wayside.

Yes, health insurance can provide the financial support to get customers the hospitalization and prescriptions they need, but it’s not likely to cover their monthly loan payments; Credit Disability can.

Damage Control

At Fortegra, we’ve got just the thing for these types of situations. By working to fill the potential gaps left by the ‘big four,’ we can help your customers handle the hardships of life’s unexpected setbacks.

Our comprehensive array of insurance services and warranty products were created with these gaps in mind, and designed to reduce risk and increase financial stability. Plus, our payment structure is crafted to keep the protection process painless; with most plans, the cost is rolled right into the loan amount, so there’s no additional work required.

When it comes to the unexpected, we’ve got it covered. Contact us today to learn more about Fortegra Credit Disability insurance, protection that can get your customers’ lives back on track so they can Experience More! When it comes to the unexpected, we’ve got it covered. It’s the type of protection and peace of mind that can put your customers’ lives back on track so they can Experience More!

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