Device Financing Not Providing The EDGE You Want?

By Paul Dobbins - Director, Account Development Jun 19, 2015 10:00:00 AM

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Do you have customers looking to upgrade early on a financed plan? They may not have the trade-in power they thought?

In the rapidly evolving world of wireless, change can happen at any time. For some carriers, this includes device financing plans. Take Verizon, for example. No longer are customers forced to turn in their current device when they are looking to ‘EDGE up’ to a new one. They just need to pay off their current balance.

Sounds great, right? But what happens to the old phone that the customer is no longer using? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Extra Phone? Bonus!

So, your customer has an extra phone on their hands. Thanks to three great trade-in opportunities, they’ve got options:

#1 – Trade-In Sites

Maybe the most obvious of the bunch, there are a lot of trade-in sites out there; the trick is finding the right one. While the draw of instant gratification makes this a fantastic option (the check arrives in about a week), the window shopping can make this a time-consuming endeavor. Plus, trade-in sites leave your customers at the mercy of the phone’s current trade-in value, a number that takes a hit the moment the next big thing is released.

#2 – Peer-to-Peer Selling

Oh, yes. Your customer can put anything on eBay or Craigslist, including that old phone. With P2P selling they might be able to move the merch in a flash. Hey, they may even make some new friends. But will they find a buyer willing to pay market value? Probably not. Plus, those pesky shipping costs are sure to cut into potential profits.

#3 – BuyBack

Part of the ProtectCELL COMPLETE protection plan, BuyBack is a trade-in program that locks in rates at the time of the original device purchase. Processing a BuyBack device is quick and easy and getting that check is a breeze. The only ‘drawback’? Your customer needs to plan ahead to enjoy these benefits by including a protection plan with the purchase of their phone. Seems like a reasonable request to get ahead of the game.


So…what’s the best option? Sure, we’ll toot our own horn: the low risk, high reward opportunity offered by ProtectCELL BuyBack beats out other options by offering the most bang for buck on your customer’s financed device. Plus, by selling your customers’ old devices to a reputable warranty and insurance services company, it gives them the peace of mind that their check is on the way, as promised.

Help your customers avoid the headaches of other trade-in options. Get ‘em covered now and get ‘em paid later when they’re ready to EDGE up, thanks to ProtectCELL BuyBack from Fortegra!

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