Debunked! 3 Mobile Warranty Myths

By Bryan Finnerty Mar 19, 2015 1:05:00 PM

Debunked! 3 Mobile Warranty Myths

No mo’ nomophobia! We’ve exposed some common mobile warranty misconceptions to keep your customers connected.

Nomophobia – noun: the fear of being out of mobile phone contact

In today’s connected world, our smartphones have quite nearly become a part of us. These devices have been positioned as an essential part of daily life so much so that, as a countermeasure, companies are popping up to offer a ‘NoPhone’ experience and some are even locking phones in a specialized case during events.

However you view these trends, one thing is for certain: mobile is a hot topic. And beyond determining if your customer is on Team iPhone or Team Android, you’ve got to take a look at their need for protecting these important investments.

But despite what seems to be an obvious need for protection, it’s important to keep in mind that many customers have misconceptions about mobile warranties. Here are a few you may need to overcome to make the sale.

‘Extended warranties aren’t worth the extra money’

It’s true, not every extended mobile warranty plan is truly beneficial. Additionally, it’s important for customers to not feel rushed when buying. Establish trust by explaining the benefits of a warranty plan and even addressing situations where an extended warranty may not be necessary. As a quick rule of thumb, phone owners shouldn’t pay more than 20% of the item’s retail price for any warranty plan.

‘I’m not a clumsy person, so I don’t need this’

To this customer we say, ‘Well, aren’t you lucky?’ It’s amazing how many random mobile mishaps happen every day. From blunders involving kids or pets to accidental drops and spills, even the most coordinated person will encounter at least one such incident. Ask your customers if they are prepared for the ‘what-if’.

‘I already have phone protection through my carrier’

But do they really? Does your customer know who the provider is and the company’s reputation? Get to the heart of the issue and explain the benefits of mobile protection. If the customer is already protected, dive deeper into the type of protection they currently have and find where opportunity exists.

Your customers are relying on their phones and expect you to keep them in constant communication. Don’t let them down; help prevent nomophobia!

Featuring a variety of protection plans for phones, tablets, air cards, and MiFi devices, discover Fortegra’s comprehensive Mobile Device Protection options today.

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