5G: Big Hype on Hold

By Jon Mikow - Vice President, Wireless Jun 4, 2019 10:00:00 AM

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The wide-ranging benefits of 5G are on the way—and may be more than slightly delayed.

In just a few short decades, wireless technology has come a long way. From first-generation brick-like behemoth devices and fickle, pricey analog service, to 4G LTE all-broadband everything and the ubiquity of mobile apps, it’s been quite a ride. And, though it may not seem like it now, every iteration was a big advancement – but we’re not done yet.

The arrival of 5G is upon us, a leap forward in cellular connectivity that will impact every industry and improve the communications capabilities of billions of users. What can we expect? Let’s take a brief look:

  • Mobile Broadband – The implementation of 5G will increase data capacity, resulting in faster speeds, lower latency, and a degree of optimization that can accommodate ultra-high-def video and virtual reality.
  • Internet of Things – 5G will also unlock the true potential of IoT, enabling more connections and supporting faster operations in contexts that require near real-time capability—like public utilities, medical devices, and vehicle safety systems.
  • Wireless – Capable of delivering speeds greater than 100 Mbps, 5G offers a viable alternative to wired broadband and could create a new revenue stream for wireless operators in areas where consumers don’t have home access to fiber.

 Sounds great, right? The only problem is: it won’t all happen overnight.

Rollouts and Regulations

While developed urban centers will be the first to enjoy the benefits of 5G, it will be a number of years before this advancement connects us all. Not only are far-flung rural areas lacking the necessary infrastructure to implement this technology, but 5G will also require service providers everywhere to invest billions to enable its capabilities.

Then there are the regulatory concerns. World governments and related agencies will be critical players in the advancement of 5G, reducing barriers for telecom companies to invest in technology upgrades and introducing policies that allow for new revenue models. Additionally, they’ll also serve as the first line of defense against the increased liability considerations attached to advanced automation featured in tools that allow for remote health care, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and connected public safety systems.

Yep, we’ve come a long way – but we’ve still got a long way to go. We may be able to see the benefits of 5G from here, but with so much to overcome it may be a minute before we can enjoy them to their fullest extent.

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