4 Scary Tech Tales

By Paul Dobbins - Director, Account Development Oct 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Tech Scares

Horror stories can be fun. But when your mobile device plays the victim, that’s when the fun ends.

Thanks to Halloween, October brings to mind all things spooky and scary. From haunted houses to horror stories, this month is a dream (or a nightmare *wink*) for those who love to scare themselves silly.

Science actually tells us we enjoy feeling afraid. As Dr. David H. Zald, a psychiatry professor at Vanderbilt University explains, ‘when scared, we are fully aware, conscious and in the moment,’ in contrast to our routine and sometimes boring lives. Fear activates our ‘fight-or-flight response,’ which can feel good.

But does the same hold true when our precious technology is in danger? In the spirit of the season, we’ve got a few two-sentence tech tales that might deliver both thrills and chills alike.

  1. Bobby’s a pro at bobbing for apples. Bobby’s mommy’s phone is not.
  2. Corn maze complete: it’s selfie time. Pocket empty: did my phone get lost?
  3. Spiced cider with a splash of bourbon is just right. The roomie’s Chromebook with splash of bourbon is just wrong.
  4. She opened the door to see her kitchen counter splattered with a thick, red liquid. The blood was fake, but the damage to her iPad was very real.
Tech scares aren’t reserved for October. That’s why we offer ProtectCELL device protection all year round. Overcome your fear of the worst tech mishaps with ProtectCELL mobile device protection. Learn more at protectcell.com.

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